EFG 316-320

Electric four-wheel forklift truck (1600, 1800, 2000 kg)

  • High performance electric counterbalance truck with side battery access and 4th generation AC technology
  • Electric hydraulic steering for improved operator comfort
  • New operating concept with SOLO- or MULTI-PILOT integrated in to the adjustable armrest
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Driver assistance systems (optional)
  • 5 individually adjustable working programmes

The newest generation of AC technology offers numerous advantages for electric counterbalance trucks:

  • Minimal energy consumption due to high efficiency and energy recovery.
  • Minimal service costs due to the reduction of mechanical and hydraulic components.
  • Efficient electric hydraulic steering with AC technology.

The advantage: faster work cycles with significantly longer operating times from only one battery charge.
Along with the reduced maintenance requirements, this results in low operating costs. Changing the battery is simple and easy: the choice of three different battery changing options makes this easy for any user – even during three-shift operations.

The robust truck construction, user-friendly design and innovative technology ensures long term reliability.

  • Robust construction with steel bumpers, steel bonnet and protected lights.
  • Enclosed chassis – even under the battery – for added stability and protection.
  • Maintenance-free components (e.g. brakes and transmission).
  • Innovative technology with halogen bulbs and LEDs.


 Superior operator comfort
The ergonomically designed operator’s cab allows for relaxed operation with low fatigue, even during long shifts:
  • Light and effortless electric hydraulic steering, reduces the number of steering wheel turns and a smaller steering wheel.
  • The elimination of hydraulic components in the leg area reduces steeringrelated noise and provides more legroom.
  • The height and pitch of the steering column is adjustable.
  • All essential controls are located on the adjustable armrests (adjustable height and length), making operation especially comfortable.
  • Minimal vibration due to the decoupling of the cabin from the chassis (“Floating Cab”).
  • Clearly arranged operator display.

Professional battery management
AC technology offers both improved efficiency as well as delete energy reclamation, for longer operation time between battery changes.

  • Sideways battery access.
  • Individual changing systems with hand pallet truck, forktruck or crane.
  • Simple, space-saving charging through side door.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • OnBoard charger with 2 charging periods – 8 or 12 hour for more flexibility and shorter charging time compared to the standard charger.
Maintenance-free braking system
Three maintenance-free braking systems make braking safe and comfortable:
  • Motor brake for regenerative braking during deceleration.
  • Automatically engaging parking brake for secure stopping, even on ramps.
  • Brake pedal operated, maintenancefree disc brakes during dangerous situations.
Maintenance-free motors
The new generation of three-phase AC motors will impress you with their quiet and precise operation at all speeds.
  • High torque for faster operation cycles.
  • Lifetime lubrication of main components.
  • Individually mounted drive motors for simpler servicing.
  • Dust and water jet protection to IP 54.
Safety systems
High performance also requires a high degree of safety. That’s why the EFG Series 3 includes a comprehensive range of safety equipment:
  • Deactivation of hydraulic functions when the operator seat is not occupied.
  • No roll-back on ramps or inclines with the automatic parking brake, even when the vehicle is switched off.
  • Automatic reduction of the driving speed during cornering, with Jungheinrich Curve Control.
  • High pivot steer axle.
  • Speedometer.
A range of driver assistance systems (optional) offer additional safety for the driver, truck and load:
  • Access Control: the access control system unlocks the vehicle only after a sequence of safety checks:
1. Valid access code/activation of key switch.
2. Operation of the seat switch (operator in seat).
3. Seatbelt is secured.
  • Drive Control: automatically reduces the travel speed during cornering and at defined lift heights.
  • Lift Control: controls the speed of lift and automatically reduces the tilt speed of the mast at defined lift heights. The tilt is shown on a separate display. An integrated sideshift (optional) can be automatically centralized at the push of a button.

Intelligent electronics
Jerk-free travel, smooth reversing and precise positioning.
  • Optimally adapted to any situation using 5 individual work programmes.
  • The monitoring of all components and saving of service data, allowing fast and low cost maintenance routines using the diagnosis system.
  • Standard display of the steering wheel position and the travel speed.



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