EFG 425-430

Electric four-wheel fork lift truck (2500 and 3000 kg)

  • Three phase AC high performance fork lift truck with sealed drive system
  • Five individually adjustable work programmes
  • Comfortable operator cab with SOLO-PILOT, MULTI-PILOT or JetPilot (optional)
  • Jungheinrich Curve Control for optimal safety when driving and cornering
  • Automatic parking brake, no rollback on slopes
  • Maintenance free laminated brakes

The use of innovative 3 phase technology opens up new opportunities and offers numerous advantages for electric fork truck owners.

  • Excellent performance in acceleration, travel and lift speeds ensure the highest throughput.
  • Optimal efficiency and energy reclamation offer longer working hours.
  • Precisely controllable and wear free regenerative braking. Energy is returned to the battery upon release of the accelerator.
  • Maintenance and wear free 3 phase AC motors (without carbon brushes) sealed and protected to IP 54.

This means faster work processing with significantly longer work cycles per battery charge.
Lower daily operating costs together with reduced maintenance requirements, guarantee outstanding economy.

Superior travel and lift speeds, as well as, outstanding performance and gradeability offer similar handling to that of diesel and LPG fork lift trucks.

The construction and encasement of the motor make these vehicles suitable for inside or outside applications and even in demanding heavy dust, chemical and damp environments, the reliability and lifetime of the motors will not be impaired, therefore allowing the technology to be deployed almost anywhere. Emission-free operation benefits the working environment and the low energy consumption reduces operating costs.


Comfortable operator workplace
The functional and ergonomic operator cabin ensures a relaxing and fatigue free operation of the vehicle during long shifts.

  • Low cabin access step, larger, level cabin floor with automotive control pedal layout.
  • Adjustable steering column and multi-adjustable comfort seat for optimal seat positioning.
  • Floating Cab: protects the cabin from shock and vibration.
  • Clear View: mast and fork carriage allow an exceptional view of the load and road.
  • Hydraulic Power Steering: effortless and precise control without kick-back.
  • The swinging multifunction arm rest (optional) integrates the operational hydraulics (SOLO or MULTI-PILOT) as well as the Comfort-Display, therefore offering ergonomic control of the vehicle. The arm rest has step-less adjustment, both in height and inclination, a prerequisite for strain free operation.
  • Comfortable control of direction and hydraulics with SOLO-PILOT (separate levers) or MUTLI-PILOT (optional; all functions combined in one control lever).
  • JetPilot (optional) offers high operator comfort by the integration of all travel and hydraulic functions in a steering wheel. The steering wheel concept allows the omission of restricting cabin construction components from the operator knee area and therefore maximises legroom. The automatic return of the steering to the direct-line travel position and the trusted “automobile-feeling” ensures a highly safe and pleasurable driving experience.

Wear free braking - automatic parking brake
Three brake systems ensure safe, comfortable and practically wear free braking.

  • Electric motor braking offers freedom from wear and additionally, provides regenerative charging during normal operation of the accelerator.
  • Oil filled laminated brake units serve as the safety brake. Wear free and fully encapsulated. Electrically activated spring-loaded parking brake. The brake activates automatically when the truck comes to a halt and automatically deactivates, when the truck starts to drive. This system ensures protection against uncontrolled roll forward or backward.

Maintenance free electric motors
Three phase AC drive, hydraulic and steering motors offer consistency, high performance, less energy consumption and low maintenance:

  • High torque for rapid work cycles.
  • Up to 15% higher energy efficiency than shunt motors.
  • In many applications, one battery charge is sufficient for two work shifts.
  • No carbon brushes, no commutator, no maintenance expense.
  • Fully enclosed to IP54. Demanding dusty and damp environments do not affect the lifetime of the motor.
  • 2 year warranty on all motors.

Excellent drive dynamics and performance demand a high degree of safety:

  • Automatic reduction of travel speed when cornering with Jungheinrich Curve Control.
  • No uncontrolled roll-back on inclines and ramps due to an automatic parking brake system.
  • wide wheelbase, stable drive characteristics.
  • Electronic and hydraulic overload protection.
  • Easy and quick access of the emergency cutoff switch.
  • Safe and secure transfer of data between control components with CAN-Bus technology.
  • A very low centre of gravity and high mounted steering axel ensure the highest of stability.

Intelligent Electronics
The BoardControl system permanently controls and monitors all functions of the vehicle.

  • Pulse control ensures smooth driving, dynamic reversing and precise millimetre positioning of load while at the same time, a minimum of energy consumption.
  • Five application programs can be individually modified to ensure optimal performance in any application.
  • The diagnostic system monitors all components and handles the storage of service data to allow for quick and cost effective maintenance.
  • Comfort Display with digital in-operation hour counter (actual or ED), battery discharge status indicator with lift system shut down, clock, fault code and warning display.
  • Electronic steering position indicator.

















Jet Pilot 

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