Electric Reach Truck (1600, 2000 kg)

  • Super elastic tyres for indoor and outdoor use
  • Side facing seat offers excellent visibility even when transporting high loads
  • Generous cockpit with plenty of legroom and SOLO-PILOT
  • 3-phase AC technology. 
  • Jungheinrich Curve Control for optimal safety
  • Comfortable weatherproof cabin for frequent outdoor use (optional) 

Super elastic tyres, generous legroom, space-saving design, high performance data and ergonomically optimised working conditions. These are the outstanding features of the Jungheinrich ETV C16/ ETV C20 reach truck.

The advantages:

  • Universally applicable for both indoor and outdoor use on different types of surface. Suitable for working on a smooth concrete floor in the warehouse or a bumpy asphalt surface for lorry loading/unloading.
  • Space-saving through narrow working aisle widths from 2855 mm (according to VDI when picking up Euro pallets lengthways).
  • Higher throughput efficiency – at the same time reduction of service requirements –through constant use of 3-phase AC technology.
  • Easy, intuitive handling with ergonomically arranged displays/controls. Arrangement and design of the instruments contribute towards safety as much as the excellent visibility.

The Jungheinrich reach trucks ETV C16/ ETV C20 thus provide the best preconditions for economic stacking and retrieval at high lift heights and in the most confined spaces. No matter whether for
working in pallet or continuous racking, whether for single shift or multi-shift applications or frequent outdoor use with the comfortable weatherproof cabin (optional) – the reach trucks ETV C16/ ETV C20 provide the ideal solution for every application.


High-performance mast
Jungheinrich masts provide maximum safety and space utilisation to high lift heights:

  • Excellent visibility towards load.
  • Integrated sideshift (optional).
  • Lowest clearance heights together with high lift heights.
  • Sensitive mast tilt.
  • Extremely long lifespan through highquality sections.
  • High residual capacity to high lift heights.
  • Lift heights up to 7400 mm.
  • Integrated hose routing also for auxiliary hydraulics (no hose reel).

Ergonomic operator cab
The operator compartment provides ideal working conditions for highest performance and ease of operation.

  • Step plate can be seen from above.
  • Adjustable steering wheel.
  • Comfort seat made of genuine leather, adjustable to any driver (sitting position / backrest /body weight).
  • Sideways facing arrangement offers outstanding visibility even when transporting heavy loads.
  • Many depositing facilities.
  • Important operating elements are accessible without reaching round.
  • Generous available space.
  • Hydraulic 180° steering.
  • SOLO-PILOT to control lifting /lowering, travel direction, sideshift (optional) and horn activation. Mast reach and mast tilt controlled by two separate levers.
  • LISA (LC information and service display) for key operating conditions (e. g. hourmeter and battery discharge) and for travel and lift parameter setting.

Easy operating with SOLO-PILOT

  • The SOLO-PILOT operating lever is integrated into the armrest and the armrest is smoothly adjustable lengthways.
  • Comfortable rest for the hand.
  • Precise control of travel/lift functions by finger movement. No hand movements are required.
  • Simultaneous operation of lowering and mast reach functions
  • Comfortable handle for support during travel.
  • All operator controls can easily be seen display

Clear operator display
The Jungheinrich operator display combines many functions in one:

  • wheel position/travel direction
  • battery charge condition/clock with energy feed-back and time display (can be switched to residual running time)
  • switch-over operating hours/time/residual running time display
  • operating hours
  • travel programme selection

3-phase AC technology
Powerful 3-phase AC technology for simultaneous travel, lift and steering drive offers a range of advantages compared with traditional direct current motors.

  • Powerful acceleration.
  • Quick reversing without “moment of reflection”.
  • High operational availability through maintenance-free motors without carbon brushes.
  • Longer operating times through energy reclamation when speed is taken back.

Weatherproof cabins (optional)

  • Weatherproof cabin available in three designs (economy/comfort 1/comfort 2) provides excellent protection for frequent outdoor use.
  • Economy offers roof and front screen.
  • Comfort 1 offers roof, front and side screens for frequent use in rainy conditions.
  • Comfort 2 offers roof, front and side screens and door for all-round protection.

Ergonomic operator cab


Weatherproof cabin comfort 2

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