3 Wheel Electric Trucks 1.5-1.8 tonne

New 3-wheel is packed with features


Launched at the end of 2006 in Japan the 3 wheel TCM FTB VII Series is packed with features. The pride that TCM takes in every truck is obvious when you look at the build quality, high specification of its components and the sheer joy and comfort in the driving position and safety features.

The FTB has the most powerful AC drive motors in its class and can be operated smoothly through improved feel and positions given to pedals and levers. It’s rare that one of these trucks ever comes back from a demo – and normally stays on site – for years and years.

The 3-wheel fork truck is one of Europe’s largest truck categories and TCM has one of the industry’s leading and hottest specifications. Just look at the list of features you’ll be buying into: all backed by industry leading reliability and continuous operation times – over 8 hours in many applications.


  • Most powerful AC drive motors in the industry
  • 3 AC Motors; regenerative braking, reduced maintenance, improved performance
  • 8+ hour continuous operation (ask your dealer for guidance and advice)
  • Three work modes – Economy, Power, Super
  • Outside turning radius: 1,540mm (60.6in)
  • Maximum aisle with right angle turning width: 3,225mm (with a
  • 1000mm (L) x 1200mm (W) pallet)
  • Adjustable speed: lift and travel
  • Wet brakes for performance every working condition

Just some of the huge benefits for driver comfort and safety

  • Huge forward visibility through the mast
  • Masses of foot room thanks to the overhead guard
  • Low floor
  • Extra wide steps
  • Improved position and feel for all pedals and levers
  • Smaller steering wheel
Travel Speed without load 16.5 km/h (10.3 mph)
  with load 15.0 kh/h (9.3 mph)


Lifting Speed without load 610 mm/s (120 fpm)
  with load 410 mm/s (80.7 fpm)


Outside Turning Radius 1,549 mm/s (60.6 in)
Minimum Intersecting Aisle 3,226 mm/s (127.0 in)


Safety feature

  • Travel speed preset switch©
  • Auto steering knob returns


TCM 3 Wheel Electric Trucks

Vast foot space, even the overhead guard is cleverly kept clear from obstructing driver access. Note also the low floor height and extra wide step, and access from both sides





TCM 3 Wheel Electric Trucks

Driver comfort is a trait associated with TCM. This fully suspended seat is behind every driver of FTB





TCM 3 Wheel Electric Trucks

4.2 lock to lock full turn steering. Increased forward visibility, semi-circular steering wheel, gauges moved to give even more visibility and thought to driver comfort and safety





TCM 3 Wheel Electric Trucks

Three powerful AC motors drive new industry standards
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